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  • The Querist, or, Fashions Made for Other People

    In the 1735 book, The Querist, Bishop Berkeley asked, “Whether we are not undone by fashions made for other people?” Three hundred years later in a solo theatrical production, Russell Patrick Brown asks The Querist’s question through the dancing body. At the intersections of economic, philosophical, spiritual and sartorial inquiry, this dance explores the embodied memory of fashion and its infectious past. His choreography sources from Irish step dance, Vogue dance and contemporary dance, and it utilises history and queer theory to research the impact of materiality upon human movement. Based in Dublin, Russell Patrick Brown is an Arts Practice doctoral candidate at the Irish World Academy. In New York City, he studied Irish step dance with Donny Golden and Vogue with Celso Satori of the House of LaBeija. Maureen Fleming, Dr. Finola Cronin and Maria Kerin have been influences in contemporary dance. His 2014 immersive, site-specific production, Mercy of Trees, was presented in partnership with New York Public Library as part of Origin Theatre’s “First Irish” Theatre Festival. Supervised by Dr. Catherine E. Foley, Russell’s current research explores the moving body’s ability to curate the past through tradition. University of Limerick Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, 20 September 2017 19:30


Past Events

Mercy of Trees

Scooter Pie

The Hard Shoe Project

In 2006 Russell founded The Hard Shoe Project, which was an ensemble with collaboration between Irish Step dance, Flamenco, Tap dance and Mexican Ballet Folklorico. An original theatrical production, Talking Feet, was premiered in New York City at the Bowery Poetry Club ‘Bowery Kids’ series, and was performed at schools in the Tri-State area.