When the Rubber Meets the Dirt Road 2017-10-07T19:45:42+00:00

Project Description

In this work, rubber-soled shoes mediate the encounter between an Irish step dancing body and a dirt, gravel road.  The rubber-soled shoe represents the street shoe of today, the step dancing represents the street dance of the past, the dirt road stretches between a distant rural-urban migratory dancing past and the camera and audio-recording equipment hold the present. This video is a prelude to my PhD research at the University of Limerick Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, where I take an embodied approach to fashion history and Irish step dance.

Person: Russell Patrick Brown

Shoes: Onitsuka Tiger rubber-soled sneakers

Road: Dirt and gravel, Upstate New York

Videographer: Chris Odo

July, 2015