My name is

Russell Patrick Brown.

I'm a new artist sharing new art in a new way for a new consciousness.



"We are not just people who experience love from time to time, we are love itself experiencing life as people."


April 29, 2013 Welcome to the new website!

I'm very excited to share this new web experience with you! It has been many months in the making and will continue to evolve along our journey. Please be sure to check out the Silent Garden, The Well and Liberty Island. These are truly magical places to explore.


Russell Patrick Brown is a joyous expression of Love. His work brought a new dimension of Spiritual expression to our Children in Children's Week in Lily Dale. What a gift!
- Dr. Patricia Bell, Lily Dale Psychic Medium, April 29, 2013
But what won me over is the fact that the evening started with an Irish dance by Russell Patrick Brown wearing a beautiful kilt. It was completely unexpected in that context, which really gave it a special kick, so to speak.
- Elisabeth Vincentelli, New York Post Theater Critic, April 29, 2013